I ask, ‘How can I help people be the best they can be?’ My role is to make sure the team has the right energy and motivation. We are running a marathon. I’m asking, ‘Are you OK? Eating and sleeping properly? How are you feeling?’ Nobody else can ask these questions about the journey. I am pushing myself and everybody else way outside our comfort zone into a different world, so I have a huge duty of care.
CEO, Leisure

Module 7: Leading Your Way

Good leadership is plural, not singular. There are many ways to be an effective Leader From the Side and true effectiveness lies not in replicating a model but in being a clearly-defined individual, using your strengths, your professionalism and your personality, whilst recognising your weaknesses, to build a top-performing but unique business culture.

The final part of the course looks at you as the complete leader.

Module 7 covers:

  1. Putting it altogether in your own style
  2. Recognising your core skills and strengths
  3. Exploiting your weaknesses