The vital competence for a CEO is people-management. It’s the only competitive advantage you can’t buy on the open market
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Module 5: People Skills to Build Commitment

Being accepted as the leader by the people you lead is the fundamental challenge of leadership. Technical skills, personal success and high energy will not be enough to create an effective leadership persona, and can sometimes be counter-productive.

Good leaders feel a huge weight of responsibility for their immediate team and all the people in the organisation. This personal sense of commitment is the ingredient that drives employees to go the extra mile.

Module 5 covers:

  1. Valuing
    1. Noticing and acknowledging, listening and hearing, valuing and caring
    2. Understanding differences of personality, motivation and style
  2. Coaching
    1. Using constant feedback to coach people
    2. Developing leadership and management skills
  3. Delegating
    1. Empowering people through exemplary delegation
    2. Keeping people motivated