The biggest failure in leadership is the failure to communicate in language the frontline understands
CEO, Property

Module 4: Presence Skills to Create Impact

Effective leaders energise the people around them. They use their own fears as a wellspring of leadership thinking. These are ‘tremble moments’, when they don’t know what awaits them, but are certain they’ll be able to work out an answer with their teams. They rapidly signal change and generate self-belief in others that they can overcome obstacles. They get more output from the same people.

Fun is strategically important to achieving this. When people are enjoying themselves they are more likely to do good work. Having fun is where you experiment and learn. Fun takes away the barriers to experimentation and keeps energy high when dealing with problems and setbacks. Leaders can create fun by laughing at themselves, being teasable and making light of frightening challenges.

Module 4 covers:

  1. Simplifying
    1. Identifying and prioritising key levers of success
    2. Selecting consistent tools and measures to guide and chart progress
  2. Committing
    1. Demonstrating that what you say is what you do – and that you expect the same of others
    2. Supporting staff who follow agreed strategies and behaviours even when things go wrong
  3. Engaging
    1. Developing your own communication style
    2. Recognising your personal strengths and weaknesses and how to work with both