I would never lead an organisation where my values and those of the organisation weren’t in perfect harmony
CEO, Manufacturing

Module 3: Living the Values

As a leader you must embody your most deeply-held beliefs, and be the exemplar of what your organisation stands for. Your organisation’s behaviours must demonstrate its values or your currency will devalue. 

The leader’s personal relationships within the organisation need to be deep and one-to-one. For very large organisations this is difficult, which is why having identical personal and organizational values has real power – employees will feel a personal affinity with the CEO, because they will be sharing her or his values.

When individuals feel they work for organisations that lack an ethical framework they can become estranged from the goals of the organisation. No leader sets out to create a values-free environment, but for some the pressures of business can obscure behaviours which as individuals they would feel uneasy with.

Module 3 covers:

  1. Ensuring your own behaviours epitomise the values
  2. Linking all key decisions, actions and promotions to the values
  3. Identifying and challenging off-values behaviours