We help you to achieve your goals by embedding more effective habits.

Creating Good Habits

How to improve the way you do stuff.

Things aren’t going the way they should. Performance could be much better; goals appear to be getting further away. To try to improve things you recognise a need, get some help, training, or coaching, problem fixed. Simple.

Then time moves on, the key learnings begin to fade, and the day-to-day pressures return to affect your work. Before you know it, you’re back doing those things that put you in the bad place. Maybe it’s your comfort zone you slip back into, or you avoid confrontation, or settle for an average performance. That initiative you took to get things back on track now appears very expensive and bordering on useless.

At the heart of what we do is a keen awareness that you have long-term goals and the achievement of those will take a consistent approach rather than a knee jerk reaction.

We work with our clients to help them discover the right approach to solving problems and the best type of implementation. We look to the future and help them to embed good habits to improve company culture. Our methodology is based on developing sustainable behaviours that will drive you and your organisation towards achieving your goals and sustainable success.

Facilitation Skills

Keeping things simple to create results.

A typical comment by a client following a workshop designed by us is: “When what you do is so simple, why are the results are so good?”

Our facilitation may look simple. But it isn’t easy. We work extremely hard before a workshop to understand the roots of a particular problem and where possible answers might be located. We prepare by questioning stakeholders and data like journalists following a story:

  • Why is this a problem in the first place?
  • What gets in the way of solving it? Why do these barriers exist?
  • How have other organisations solved similar problems? Why can’t this one do likewise?
  • What would it take to smash the barriers?
  • What would a great solution look like?

Clients describe us as world-class facilitators. The only way we know is, they keep coming back for more. We pride ourselves on listening to the client, to the people that make up the organisation, to the world outside, and to our experience of hundreds of different client-solutions. We take what we hear and turn it into questions to answer as a team, to grow the client’s business in new ways.

Keeping things simple can facilitate great results.

Ongoing Support

How to keep on the right track.

Remember the days before satnav? We would set off on a journey knowing the way to our destination. It was left, then right, straight over the roundabout, no problem. But wait. There’s a crossroads. Is it left, or right? Then a new road appears. Would that be quicker or a major detour? Help!

Every journey has its challenges. We learned a long time ago about the value of on-going support for leaders – exec-nav?

Setting goals and driving your organisation to make them a reality takes determination. It can be bumpy, full of twists, turns and unexpected obstacles. When you set out, your initial clarity can quickly turn into confusion or worse.

Working with ongoing support can help you to navigate uncertain times and stay focused on your destination. It can give you a confidential sounding board for out-of-the-box ideas or a reality check to question whether your goals are still relevant.

Ongoing support for individuals and teams takes these forms:

  • Face-to-face coaching or mentoring
  • Review and development of ideas, strategies, and plans
  • Virtual consultancy by Skype, phone or email

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