We work alongside you to boost productivity and performance.

Individual Coaching

Coaching and mentoring bespoke to you.
The aim of our individual coaching is to remove barriers to better performance within you the individual and in your interactions with others. There is no standard approach to coaching that will work for every individual. That is why our executive coaching and mentoring programmes are bespoke to you. Central to individual coaching is the exploration and balancing of choices and outcomes. Coaching allows you to focus on specific developmental issues and gives you the knowledge you need to overcome them. We explore ways that get you to think differently and approach obstacles in new ways. Our coaches analyse and provide constructive feedback. We define clear goals and objectives and develop the best strategic coaching methods, tools and techniques tailored to you. Our coaches also carry out regular assessments to track progress, changes, recurring issues and discuss your changing needs. We also provide ongoing mentoring services in situ to improve performance in day-to-day situations.

Key Benefits

  • Expose personal barriers to performance and success
  • Create clarity on what matters most instead of what is most urgent
  • Align personal and organisational goals
  • Develop strategies to overcome personal limitations
  • Enhance individual ability to lead and enhance team performance
  • Deliver measurable individual performance improvement

Team Coaching

Working together to transform team performance.

Improving the performance of a leadership team means it must take responsibility for changing its own habits.

Individuals on leadership teams can think too alike. Leadership teams often under-perform because they over-conform. As a result, they miss out on the strength of thinking differently.

Team coaching doesn’t just focus on the individual. It focuses on the team and how everyone functions within the team.

Team coaching is about understanding the group dynamics and how everyone works together within a team to achieve goals and objectives. Our team coaching enables individuals to think and work better together to tackle problems and achieve optimal performance.

Key Benefits

  • Improve dynamics within the team
  • Drive performance and achieve goals
  • Share group understanding
  • Build team collaboration and trust
  • Increase levels of motivation

Commanding Presentation

How we can make you stand out from the competition.

How to improve the way an organisation presents itself? Corporate presentations are often commoditised and un-differentiated. The answer is to recognise that the presentation is about you the individual.

Standing out from the competition is the ultimate challenge. Individual presentation, whether in new business pitches or ongoing work, is a key opportunity to achieve growth through differentiation.

We ask the following basic questions about presenting:

  • Why do we present?
  • What is an effective presentation?
  • How focused are on achieving successful outcome?
  • What are the elements that control success?
  • How can we prepare and deliver presentations designed with one thing in mind; a successful outcome?

We give you the confidence to find the answers to these questions and present them in your own unique style.

You will rely less on presentation formats and more on your own personality and performance, because this is what you will be remembered for. You will engage with your audience more compellingly and bring your presentation to life in new ways.

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