Purposeful Coaching: Team

Understanding Difference

How to exploit individuality within a group

The power of a team comes from its ability to harness different individual strengths to perform better.

However, ‘different strengths’ do not come pre-packed and ready-to-use . Each strength will be based on a particular set of beliefs about what’s important and the right way to do and things.

Putting these differences together creates a highly combustible package that is far more likely to result in an explosion or stand-off than a top-performing team.


The Understanding Difference Program:

  • Drives team effectiveness
  • Guarantees the full contribution of all team members
  • Teaches self-awareness of the contribution individuals make and the issues they bring
  • Explores the different patterns of strengths and weaknesses within leadership and management teams
  • Exposes the full set of skills necessary for sustainable high achievement
  • Provides strategies for dealing with difference and the stresses it brings
  • Strengthens organisational cohesion

The Understanding Difference Process:

  • Individual assessment of all team members using personality profiling tools
  • Individual coaching of team members to help them understand their specific personal strengths and development areas
  • Workshops focused on real-time business objectives and tasks to expose difference in action, examine the friction it can cause and demonstrate ways to exploit it
  • Regular short team-sessions to explore progress, celebrate successes and deal with recurring issues