Purposeful Coaching: Individual

Personal Strategy

How to develop individual effectiveness

Many leaders use a personal business coach. The aim of individual business coaching is to remove barriers to better performance within the individual and in their interactions with others.

Central to individual coaching is the exploration and balancing of choices and outcomes. This requires flexible coaching tailored to the individual.

Therefore there is not a standard approach to coaching that will work for each individual.


The Personal Strategy Program:

  • Exposes personal barriers to performance and success
  • Creates clarity on what matters most instead of what is most urgent
  • Aligns personal and organisational goals
  • Develops strategies to overcome personal limitations
  • Enhances individual ability to lead and enhance team performance
  • Delivers measurable individual performance improvement

The Personal Strategy Process:

  • Exploration of personal development within the organisation
  • Definition of clear goals, objectives and timetable for personal coaching
  • Development of the best strategic personal coaching methodology, tools and techniques for the individual
  • Regular assessment of progress, change, recurring issues and the changing needs of the individual