Purposeful Coaching: Team

Group Strategy

How to achieve key goals together

A good team will always outperform outstanding individuals.  Consequently, being part of a high-performance team will allow people to achieve far more than they ever can on their own.

However, being a team is not easy. There are many deeply-ingrained reasons why most businesses fail to build effective teams at the top, and throughout.


The Group Strategy Program:

  • Confronts the compelling reasons for team and individual under-performance
  • Coaches individuals to discover how they can succeed better through the accomplishments of the team
  • Introduces new concepts, tools and techniques
  • Guides the group as they become a team and helps them deal with issues that arise
  • Facilitates the development of strategies and plans
  • Supports the team through the implementation of their strategies
  • Achieves measurable business outcomes

The Group Strategy Process:

  • Individual interviews with all members of the team to identify of the critical tasks facing the team
  • Team workshops to expose, explored and solve team issues and develop strategies and plans to deliver specific organisational objectives
  • Individual coaching for all the team members to help them with the personal development necessary to become a member of a top-performing team
  • Regular, short, team workshops to assess progress, drive cohesion and prevent small issues becoming big problems