Creative Facilitation: Organisation

Cultural Change

How to change the way things get done

The best definition of organisational culture is ‘the way things get done around here.’

The way an organisation gets things done depends on (1) What it believes in and aims for; (2) Whether its internal stakeholders believe in them too; and (3) If external stakeholders recognise their value.

Organisations have big problems when gaps open up between any or all of these three.


The Cultural Change Program:

  • Explores with stakeholders the relevance and value-add of the organisation’s vision, beliefs, goals and practices
  • Diagnoses ways in which the organisation is failing to deliver or live up to its vision, beliefs, and goals owning to competing beliefs and ingrained practises
  • Identifies the gaps between the organisation and its internal and external stakeholders
  • Explores best practice in cultural change by relevant other organisations
  • Builds evolutionary and revolutionary cultural change models
  • Combines the new and current thinking to create the best model and plan for cultural change
  • Cascades the cultural change plan throughout the organisation
  • Measures impact and effectiveness
  • Facilitates improvements to the model

The Cultural Change Process:

  • Interviews with a large, representative sample of internal and external stakeholders
  • Analysis of the stakeholder interviews to identify and understand the gaps between them and the organisation
  • Identification of relevant cultural change models of other organisations
  • Facilitated stakeholder workshops to close the gaps by challenging current cultural thinking, using best practice to develop change models, building action plans, and responding as the plans are implemented
  • Development and use of an agreed dashboard of measures