Creative Facilitation: Organisation

Corporate Strategy

How to create winning organisational thinking

Under the sheer deluge of change organisational strategies must be continually refreshed, if not completely re-thought.

The key issue for leadership teams is to refresh their thinking in ways that are valuable to internal and external stakeholders. This means being strategically and tactically on-trend, and on the money.


The Corporate Strategy Program:

  • Engages deeply the leadership team / Asks deeper questions of the leadership team?
  • Interrogates the current organisational strategy
  • Develops organisational thinking in the context of macro trends driving/affecting the wider context/marketplace
  • Explores strategic possibilities for the organisation through the lens of best practice by direct competitors and relevant other organisations
  • Builds evolutionary and revolutionary strategic models
  • Combines the new and current thinking to create a ‘best of both’ strategy
  • Measures impact and effectiveness
  • Facilitates improvements to the model

The Corporate Strategy Process:

  • Interviews with individual members of the leadership team to understand personal and team thinking about current and potential future organisational strategy
  • Analysis of the current strategy and the individual perspectives of the leadership team
  • Identification of directly and indirectly relevant strategies of other organisations
  • Exploration of proprietary macro trend models and techniques for improving relevance to organisational stakeholders
  • Facilitated workshops to challenge current thinking, develop new models, build action plans, and respond as the strategy is implemented
  • Development and use of an agreed dashboard of measures