Purposeful Coaching: Individual

Commanding Presentation

How to increase personal impact

Most organisations want their people to stand out but train them to fit in. Great presenting is not about conforming to a professional norm; it is about being yourself to the maximum.

Individuals who are comfortable being themselves in front of an audience are usually comfortable being themselves in any situation. This is the key to maximising personal impact.


Our Commanding Presentation Program:

  • Examines what presentation is and why it is such a valuable business tool
  • Develops the unique style of each individual
  • Focuses on achieving specific outcomes from each presentation
  • Shortens the amount of time it takes to create powerful presentations
  • Removes dependency on scripts
  • Makes presentations shorter, sharper and more effective
  • Builds confidence
  • Addresses common problems
  • Maximises the impact and authority individuals can have by being themselves

The Commanding Presentation Process:

  • Pre-assessment of the hopes and concerns of each programme attendee
  • One day and two day groups courses for six to twelve attendees covering preparation, structure, delivery, impact and personal style
  • Follow-up sessions to address issues and encourage continuous development and improvement
  • Specific coaching to help prepare critical presentations e.g. new business pitches