Creative Facilitation: Brand

Brand & Category Strategy

How to build added value in the marketplace

To paraphrase JFK: Ask not what your category can do for your brand; ask what your brand can do for your category. The days of brands planning their futures in splendid isolation, or as simple wargames against their closest competition, are over.

The implication is clear. Brands exist to grow categories. Consequently brand and category strategy must be thought through as two mutually-supportive halves of a single whole, like the hemispheres of the brain.


The Brand & Category Strategy Program:

  • Focuses 100% on the consumer
  • Explores category growth drivers and brand roles to exploit them
  • Understands shopper psychology in perceiving, navigating and shopping the category
  • Builds brand-in-category strategic models designed to engage the consumer and the retailer
  • Identifies opportunities for category-building brand innovations
  • Develops and harmonises brand, category and retail customer plans
  • Measures impact and effectiveness
  • Enables improvements to the model

The Brand & Category Strategy Process:

  • Interviews with a representative sample of internal and external stakeholders in category and brand
  • Analysis of current key thinking e.g. brand and category architectures, research and strategy papers
  • Identification of relevant brand-in-category models of other organisations
  • Facilitated stakeholder workshops to develop possible brand-in-category models, using best practice, building action plans, and responding to issues and changes as the plans are implemented
  • Using existing and bespoke research to develop and verify the best of the possible models, then developing the optimal brand-in-category model
  • Development and use of an agreed dashboard of measures