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Download the Cambridge Strategy Centre report into the four big questions CEOs have asked about ‘leading from the side’ in the modern world.

The Modern Leadership Model

Download our report on the new way of leading.

In April 2015 we published Leading From The Side, a study which concluded that the best modern leadership leads from the side, not the front. Our report has been downloaded over 2,000 times from this website, and a discussion has ensued with CEOs from different sectors, organisations and countries about what it takes to lead in the modern world.

They challenged us to answer four big questions arising from Leading From The Side, which are the focus of our new report:

  1. Did we put on rose-tinted spectacles in writing the report? Many leaders had direct experience of bad leadership, and wanted to know more about what ‘bad’ looked like.
  2. Where do leaders get their energy? Why are the toughest, most frightening times so thrilling and confidence-building? Is fun important to leadership?
  3. What should be the balance between an inward focus on what is happening in the organisation and an outward one looking at the world? How far should leaders go ‘inward’ with people?

Finally, the biggest question of all:

  1. Are there gender-based differences underlying best practice, and if so is there, or can there be, a ‘best of both’ leadership model that everyone can learn from? Or do women and men lead differently – end of story?

We are convinced that Leading From The Side is the big trend in modern leadership. Our investigation this year reveals how leaders depend on and strengthen their inner resources.

We call this Leading From Within.

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