Bounty’s management had engineered a buyout and begun a journey of growth. Quite early on, the management team realised that they were under-achieving against their plan, failing to get traction in new areas and going backwards in existing areas.

We began our work with them by interviewing the management team and discovering that their behaviours pre-buyout and post-buyout hadn’t fundamentally changed. We challenged them to take real responsibility, as leaders, not managers, for the performance of the business.

Group Strategy

In an intensive program of workshops, we challenged them as a team and as individuals. We did this to define a specific route to success for the business. We then took responsibility for delivering programmes designed to deliver that success and drive growth.

Importantly we focused not just on what had to happen to achieve success but on why that might be difficult both organisationally and personally. We helped them devise strategies to overcome those difficulties and supported them when implementing those strategies was tough.


In the first year we worked with them Bounty narrowly missed their growth target; in year two they achieved it, after a struggle; in year three they cruised past an aggressive growth target and continued their upward trajectory over the following years.

Improving the performance of a leadership team means it has to take responsibility for changing its own habits. That’s not just organisational – it’s personal.

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