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We enable better leadership. Our clients are the individuals and teams who are responsible for success in organisations.
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Enabling Better Leadership

Cambridge Strategy Centre is a pioneering leadership coaching and mentoring consultancy founded in 1996.

We exist to help you become a better leader. We help you to work creatively and practically to solve problems that impede you.


Pioneering Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

For over twenty years, Cambridge Strategy has consulted on leadership, coaching and strategy.
Our delivery methods embed good habits into your work to help you achieve success.
We have developed models and methodologies designed to enable leaders to discover or refine key skills, whatever level they are within the organisation.

We help you to be a better leader. We specialise in leadership coaching and mentoring.

We aim to boost productivity and performance by facilitating new ways of thinking.

We help to make growth strategies a success and develop bespoke strategic plans.

We help you to achieve your goals by embedding more effective habits.

Improving Leadership by Leading From the Side

Today’s organisations need leaders at every level in the business.

Creating an entire culture of leadership is essential. To achieve it the best leaders don’t lead from the front. They lead from the side. they aspire to be leader-coaches bringing out the best in their teams. For twenty years Cambridge Strategy Centre has consulted on leadership. We have just completed a study to find out what it feels like to be a good leader, and why it can be so hard to achieve. We asked 100 leaders from all sectors how they felt they developed and what they are doing to solve their most difficult problems.

Leading From The Side Leading From Within

Download our Camstrat Reports

Download and discover the Cambridge Strategy Centre reports into the new way of leading in the modern world ‘Leading From the Side’ and ‘Leading From Within’.

Success Stories

Our clients are the individuals and teams who are responsible for success in organisations.
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