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Improving Leadership by Leading From the Side

Today’s organisations need leaders at every level in the business. Creating an entire culture of leadership is essential. To achieve it the best leaders don’t lead from the front. They lead from the side. They aspire to be leader-coaches bringing out the best in their teams. 

For twenty years Cambridge Strategy Centre has consulted on leadership. We have just completed a study to find out what it feels like to be a good leader, and why it can be so hard to achieve. We asked 100 leaders from all sectors how they felt they developed and what they are doing to solve their most difficult problems 

A report into the new way of leading in the modern world

Part Two of 'Leading From the Side' our ongoing enquiry into leadership in the modern world

Our Leadership Model

From our findings we created Leading From The Side, a model of contemporary, best practice leadership. We’ve also developed series of learning modules designed to allow aspiring leaders to discover or refine key skills, whatever level they are within the organisation.

Our seven learning modules will help you to understand the demands of modern leadership and the five dimensions of VisionValuesPresencePeople and Performance.


You don’t need to be outstanding across all five leadership dimensions. However, you will need a deep understanding of the skills demanded by each, and the confidence to compensate for your own deficiencies with your team.


Then you will be Leading Your Way.